Sunday, March 18, 2012


I don't care for tax time anymore than anybody else.  As someone who was blessed with intelligent parents who were able to save and provide for me I can not complain about paying my share of the bills for our community -local, state and federal.  As a Christian I must obey Christ who told us to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's.

As the owner of what the bible might have referred to as Talents I also feel responsible to tend to my resources.    Letting one's resources lie fallow isn't responsible it oneself, one's family or one's community.

For this reason I had some thoughts of my own to Lisa's thoughts about taxes  It's not fine to wave your hands, take your receipts to the accountant, pay your bill and leave it at that.

 As a member of the capitalist class you must let your voice be heard.  To allow those in control to squander the capital of our country is to be undeserving of your gifts.  

Tax time is a time to remember that each individual counts.  It's not just writing a check and being done with it.  It's listening to the drivel in the political scene, it's supporting leaders who will guide our country to a future that our children will live in. 

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